2022 Web3 Infinity Hackathon — Data Tells the Innovation Power

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3 min readAug 11, 2022


The emergence of large-scale phenomenal Web3 applications cannot live without the continuous exploration and experimentation. Countless startups in the crypto industry are working towards this ambitious goal. A variety of hackathons with different focuses and tracks are also trying to breed innovative and groundbreaking projects.

On July 1, 2022, the Web3 Infinity Hackathon officially began this incredible adventure that drew a large number of developers. Filecoin, the Filecoin Foundation, and the Force Web3 Community have collaborated to arrange this development event. Since its inception, it has garnered considerable interest both inside and outside the community. It seeks to create a fantastic platform for developers of all types to express their creativity and enthusiasm at a moment when it is most appropriate to bury their heads in innovation.

Devpost, the exclusive registration platform for the hackathon, has recorded the progress of this developer journey with lines of data. Below are the achievements so far:

Participants Overview

Over 450 people registered for the Web3 Infinity Hackathon and submitted their profile information. They are either industry veterans or newcomers from the Web2. They are developers/engineers who interpret ideas in code, professionals who provide marketing and immediate support for startups such as community operations and UI designers, experienced project founders, and student developers from universities.

Projects Submitted

The current backend data shows a total of 116 pre-submitted projects, most of which are grouped in multi-person teams, and they constitute 1/450, and also 1/116 pre-submitted projects.

Geographic Distributions

It drew participants from more than 70 countries, primarily the United States, India, Singapore, and China, with Americans and Indians accounting for more than 55 percent of the total, Singapore accounting for about 15 percent, Chinese participants accounting for 10 percent, and other countries being evenly distributed.

Competing Tracks

The organizers set up four competing tracks and a “special” track from sponsor Fluence — building Web3 projects based on Fluence or using the Aqua language. (Aqua is a P2P application platform and Fluence is a self-created core open source language that allows programming of P2P scenarios separately from P2P computing. Applications are transformed into hostless workflows through distributed function calls, enabling various levels of decentralization.)

NFT, DAO, and Metaverse dApps are the most common construction options across all projects. To build decentralized apps, these teams chose to store metadata on IPFS/Filecoin or directly employ NFT Storage or Web3 Storage as the underlying storage provider. In terms of fundamental storage capacity, this also represents the large application range of IPFS/Filecoin. There aren’t many teams working on IPFS/Filecoin infrastructure development, and this is undoubtedly not a track with low entry access since it requires long-term accumulation and outstanding technology.

The pre-hackathon WorkShop training sessions and special events of VC talks and Winner’s Call were well received by the participants and the community at large. Total view count of these previous sessions are as follow.

· Workshop Sessions (Avg.) — 1600 Views / Session

· VC Talks (Avg.) — 1800 Views / Session

· Winner’s Call (Avg.) — 1700 Views / Session

Such highly focused live courses and events, particularly special events involving funders and previous hackathon winning teams, are more practical than the typical pre-competition training workshops for registered hackathon participants.

The prize fund for the 2022 Web3 Infinity Hackathon is divided into two parts: a $100,000+ main event reward and a $10,000 Fluence sponsorship award. The final 30+ winning project teams will be announced live at the closing event, and they will get awards, resources, and support!

Innovation has no limits. Pre-submitted projects and those who have not yet registered, seize this last 7 days!

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