Decarbonize the Crypto Decarbonize the World——Things you should get from the SXSW

In the recent Sustainable Blockchain Summit, we have seen great updates about Filecoin’s efforts to lead the development of a sustainable way of our energy, especially with the efforts by the Filecoin Green team and Filecoin Foundation to support and fund the projects built with it.

The definition by the United Nations about sustainability is “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

While in the crypto world, mining in Bitcoin and Ethereum has caused a lot of chaos about the unsustainable way to consume energy.

Even though a report by the Bitcoin Mining Council indicated that Bitcoin mining only consumed 0.14% of the world’s energy production and that it is also powered by a higher mix of sustainable energy than any major country or industry.

So how about Filecoin?

As one of the largest decentralized storage networks, since its mainnet launch there are more than 15.8EiB of data stored on the blockchain technology driven network.

Filecoin is also speeding up the progress to store more useful data through the project like Filecoin Plus and with Filecoin Green to pave the way to a decarbonized crypto or world.

Alan Ransil, the Filecoin Green Project Lead @ Protocol Labs gave a great talk about how Filecoin Green did a great work to decarbonize crypto and decarbonize the world.

Part of what the team has done at Filecoin Green is building the infrastructure to make data available for folks to understand the impacts of their projects and their environmental footprint, to analyse and predict the energy used by Filecoin data stored onto the chain, with tools built by the team.

Go and visit Filecoin Green to learn more about the updates shared by Alan like to get the total energy used by day, week, or month.

Another session from this summit that I want to share is the Fireside Chat hosted by the Founder of Filecoin, Juan Benet. Together with Clara Tsao, the Founding Officer@Filecoin Foundation and Alan, the Filecoin Green Team Lead.

Before the Fireside Chat, Mr. Benet has shared his view about the Impact Markets. To do so, with projects like Filecoin Green we can speed up the movement toward a sustainable world.

But it’s not enough, we need to change from the bottom, like from innovation chasm.

There’s a huge gap here that is not good as you can see here, Mr. Benet mentioned the missing part about the effective coordination system to make the science and technology get connected for better usage, pivot to whatever the market values most. There is a lot of work that needs to be done, innovations and effective systems both needed here.

We also need to consider the lack of a market here, hence, more support needed to help people to do so, to fill the gap, to innovate and move on.

From this fireside chat, we have seen the efforts both from the Filecoin Foundation team and Filecoin Green team to push toward a sustainable crypto world.

As the Founding office at Filecoin Foundation, Clara talked about the Foundation’s mission to support and fund projects built with Filecoin.

The Foundation is also leading projects like Open Data Movement and Decentralized Web projects which aim to permanently store and keep the data that is valuable to all human beings.

But also need to consider storing the data in a sustainable way, so the Foundation is funding more grants, in the meantime, to collaborate with more organizations to speed up the whole process.

We have seen the headlines as the Filecoin Foundation and the Protocol Labs are working together to store and maintain New York City Open Data on the decentralized web for the next five years.

This is underlying technology that the foundation is happy to support, even though they are not that attractive when comparing with NFT or Metaverse projects which are popular and has a seat in the mainstream, but we can never doubt about the importance of the infrastructure layer, like the decentralized web which will empower a web3 world and a free and open internet.

But also in a sustainable way, so the Filecoin Green team has worked so hard to make sure the measurement is precise with their efforts to build tools based with the Filecoin architecture to verify and to analyse.

Blockchain is developing at a super-fast speed, there are always new mechanisms that exist here or there that can be created to build the projects or empower a team to focus on the sustainable environment.

Decarbonize crypto for a decarbonized world, a sustainable world!



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