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Dec 29-Jan 5, 2022

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4 min readJan 5, 2023

In an article, William Vijlder, chief economist at BNP Paribas, said that the new year should see a change in key economic variables in Europe and the US, with inflation falling sharply, central bank rates peaking, and the economy sliding into recession, according to the Golden 10 on January 4. He said, “The Fed and ECB should continue to raise policy rates in early 2023, but then their monetary policy should have tightened enough and will shift to a wait-and-see approach.” Vijlder notes that both the US and the Eurozone will be in recession for some time this year, with the recession expected to be short and mild, but the economy could contract more if energy prices rise again or inflation falls less than expected.

This is in line with what the author thinks. With the globalization of the economy, economies are entirely unable to stand alone within a larger environment. The US and Europe are deep in an inflationary quagmire, while China is stagnating outright. Real estate, the main pillar industry, has deposited many ills while allowing China’s economy to achieve high growth after the 2017 shantytown and has completely overdrawn the spending power of the vast majority of the population for the next few decades. the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in 2019 has become a direct trigger for the economic downturn. The theme set by the Banque de Paris for 2023 is a recession. But what they are not really saying is that the world economy is not going to take off in a big way for the next five years, not just 2023. Countries are facing an economic downturn while also having to deal with social tensions caused by unemployment, aging, and a large gap between rich and poor.

In this week’s big investment and financing story, Com2Bus, a Com2uS metabus specialist, announced a strategic investment of KRW 4 billion each from Asiana Financial Group, Kyoho Book Centre, and Kyowon Group.

With this investment, Com2Bus raised an initial capital of KRW 15 billion from Com2uS, WYSIWYG Studio, and NP at its inception, and an additional KRW 16 billion through external investment. To date, SK Networks, Hana Financial Group, Kyobo Book Center, and Kyowon Group have participated in Com2Bus as strategic investors, creating an enhanced competitive business community.
With close to $10 million in funding during the crypto winter, this shows the commitment of the Korean private sector and government to develop Web3 vigorously.

In addition to this, AirCarbon Exchange raised $15 million in convertible notes, led by TRIREC, a Singapore-based decarbonization investor. The startup offers voluntary carbon credits and the trading of various blockchain-based tokenized carbon assets. It also sort of pioneered the current ability of tokenized carbon assets to work successfully, which is built on Polygon.

There are future plans to establish a regulated voluntary carbon market and clearing house in the Middle East as part of the Abu Dhabi Global Market. It is working to establish a voluntary carbon market in Brazil and has signed an agreement with the Nairobi Securities Exchange to develop Kenya’s first carbon exchange.

Although the tokenization of carbon credits has been controversial, there is a global push to go green and sustainable and reduce carbon emissions. The future of the track is very promising.

1. Project Name: Calvaria

Project Category: Blockchain Games

Project Description: Duels of Eternity is bidding to bring traditional and casual gamers to the blockchain by offering a full free-to-play (F2P) version of the game that is available on mobile app stores and PC

Financing: Pre-sales Round

Amount of Financing: $2.5 Million

Investors: the RIA token now set for its initial exchange offering (IEO) on BKEX

2. Project Name: AirCarbon Exchange

Project Category: Web3 Startups

Project Description: The startup provides exchanges for voluntary carbon credits and a variety of blockchain-based tokenized carbon assets

Financing Round: B Round

Amount of Financing: $25 Million

Investors: led by Singapore-based decarbonization investor TRIREC

3. Project Name: Abelian

Project Category: banking and digital finance platform

Project Description: Abelian is the world’s first post-quantum (quantum-resistant) privacy-preserving L1 blockchain, using a NIST-standardised point-based cryptographic algorithm with cryptographically proven security, designed to enable Digital Gold 2.0, create a quantum-resistant and privacy-preserving cryptographic ecosystem, and build L2 networks and post-quantum zero-knowledge bridges to support EVM-equivalent blockchain networks, empowering Web3 and DeFi applications.

Financing Round: Unknown

Amount of Financing: $3 Million

Investors: Led by Draper Dragon

4. Project Name: Com2 Verse

Project Category: Metaverse platform

Project Description: Com2 Verse is the Metaverse subsidiary of Korean game developer Com2uS

Financing Round: Strategic Round

Amount of Financing: $9.5 Million

Investors: Unknown

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