Episode 36|Force Web3 Weekly Investment and Financing Events July1–7, 2022.

With the bear market, the investment and funding market is also very cold, with all the larger investment and funding events this week focused on the gaming or metaverse/NFT sectors. Meta-universe project Mona received $14.6 million led by Protocol Labs, Archetype and Collab+Currency. The project is dedicated to bringing audiences 3D ultra-high-definition representations of art and providing a multi-person shared museum space on the chain. Both traditional and on-chain crypto art creators can build their own museums or galleries to showcase their NFT work. It also helps creators to monetise their NFT works, providing a social and interactive experience and a secondary market to help realise their art.

Although it does not issue tokens and sell virtual land, this way of providing a platform for users to build virtual worlds offers more possibilities for the richness and diversity of the presentation of the metaverse. Okay, next, come read the main text.

1, Project Name:Planetarium Labs

Project Category:Web3 Startups

Project description:The Planetarium Labs is a Web3 game network,its gaming system based on Libplanet, a software development kit that lets developers create blockchain applications entirely on the Unity game development platform.

Financing round:Series A

Amount of financing:32Million

Investors:led by Animoca Brands.

2, Project Name:Bitmark

Project Category:Web3 Startups

Project description:Bitmark is launching an NFT wallet called ‘Autonomy’, designed to be an interoperable way for NFT enthusiasts to showcase their collections.

Financing round:Seed round

Amount of financing:5.6Million

Investors:Led by Galaxy Interactive 和 North Island Ventures

3, Project Name:Cauldron

Project Category:Web3 Games

Project description:Cauldron expects to launch a Web3 game world in the future.

Financing round:Seed round

Amount of financing:6.6Million

Investors:Led by Cherry Ventures, with participation from Cassius, Seedcamp and Playfair

4, Project Name:Mona

Project Category:Metaverse Platform

Project description:A blockchain 3D experiential on-chain gallery dedicated to helping creators build their own space and view and appreciate art in a metaverse. It can be understood as a museum + gallery + metaverse in one!

Financing round:A round

Amount of financing:14.6Million

Investors:Protocol Labs, Archetype and Collab+Currency led the investment, with participation from Placeholder, OpenSea Ventures, Polygon Studios, ConsenSys, Venture Reality Fund, Placeholder and other crypto-native funds and angel investors.



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