Episode 49|Force Web3 Weekly Investment and Financing Events October13–27,2022.

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4 min readOct 27, 2022


Recently, the crypto industry has been hyped up by the launch of the new Layer 1 Blockchain, Aptos. In the first half of the year, in the bleak bear market, Aptos raised $350 million. Just last week, its mainnet was officially launched. At the same time, major mainstream exchanges launched its native token, APT. This blockchain, known as the Solana killer, has a higher TPS than Solana, and it also uses Move as the basic programming language.

The optimism shown by those top VCs also makes the ecology of Aptos very lively. Once launched, its ecological map has exceeded 90% of the projects. This week, Thala Labs, a stablecoin project on Aptos, raised $6 million to build a decentralized financial circle on Aptos.Thala Labs is currently building an over-collateralized decentralized stablecoin called Move Dollar that aims to solve the decentralized stablecoin trilemma: peg stability, security, and capital efficiency. It is worth pondering that the founding team of Thala Labs has the same background as Aptos and can be called the “Meta” department. Below are a few recent financing projects.

1.Project Name: Thala Labs

Project Category: Web3 Startup

Project Description:
The startup will build DeFi applications on the Aptos blockchain and is already working on a decentralized stablecoin.

Financing Round: Seed Round

Amount of Financing: $ 6M

Investors: Co-led by ParaFi Capital, White Star Capital and Shima Capital

2. Project Name: Exclusible

Project Category: NFT startup

Project Description: The company works with luxury brands to develop their web3 offerings, including creating NFTs for clients such as Asprey Bugatti, Christian Lacroix, and Louis Monet.

Financing Round: Unknown

Amount of Financing: $ 5M

Investors: Led by Holzmann and venture capital firm Tioga Capital

3. Project Name: Paragraph

Project Category: Web3 publishing platform

Project Description: Founded by Colin Armstrong in 2021, Paragraph is a publishing platform that helps web3 writers, DAOs and NFT communities monetize their content through an all-in-one newsletter service.

Financing Round: Seed Round

Amount of Financing: $ 1.7M

Investors: Led by Lemniscap including participation from FTX Ventures and Binance Labs.

4. Project Name: Mercury

Project Category: College sports fan experience platform

Project Description: Mercury offer fans experiences, such as access to sit-down interviews with players and coaches, as well as limited NFT drops catered to each individual fan base.

Financing Round: Seed Round

Amount of Financing: $ 7.5M

Investors: Led by Multicoin Capital.

5. Project Name: Arcade2Earn

Project Category: Solana-based gaming platform

Project Description: Arcade2Earn, a play-to-earn gaming platform built on the Solana blockchain

Financing Round: Seed Funding Round

Amount of financing:$3.2 million

Investors: Led by Crypto.com Capital.

6. Project Name: Shardeum

Project Category: Blockchain Project

Project Description: Shardeum aims to resolve user experience issues faced by both users and developers of existing sharded blockchains, according to the announcement.

Financing Round: Seed Funding Round

Amount of Financing: $ 18.2M

Investors: Over 50 investors participated in the seed round, including Spartan Group, Big Brain Holdings, Jane Street and Foresight Ventures

7. Project Name: ChainSafe

Project Category: Blockchain Research and Development Studio

Project Description: ChainSafe is a blockchain infrastructure firm

Financing Round: Series A

Amount of Financing: $ 18.8M

Investors: Led by Round13. Other investors include ConsenSys and HashKey Capital.

8. Project Name: Zerion

Project Category: Crypto Wallets

Project Description: The Zerion platform enables users to access and manage assets across decentralized finance protocols. Users can connect as many crypto wallets as they want to the platform, and its non-custodial design means users are in charge of their own funds.

Financing Round: Series B

Amount of Financing: $ 12M

Investors: Investors include Wintermute Ventures, Mosaic, Alchemy and Placeholder.

9. Project Name: Kollider

Project Category: Bitcoin Derivatives Exchange

Project Description: Lightning is a network built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain that helps make bitcoin transactions faster and cheaper.
Kollider refers to its core product as “the world’s first Lightning-native derivatives exchange.” The company is also working on bitcoin-backed synthetic stablecoins and a Lightning-enabled bitcoin wallet.

Financing Round: Seed Funding Round

Amount of Financing: $ 2.35M

Investors: Led by Lemniscap, with participation from Castle Island Ventures, Polychain Capital, Alameda Ventures, Pfeffer Capital, Okex and other investors.

10. Project Name: Origami

Project Category: DAO Framework

Project Description: Origami supports all aspects of launching and running a DAO, including native token minting or creation, operational software, documents, and the smart contracts needed for a project.

Financing Round: Unknown

Amount of Financing: $ 6.2M

Investors: Led by Bloomberg Beta

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