Force Infinite| Web3 Ecological Weekly Digest 30

A booming ecology means the infinite vitality of the chain itself.

Focus on tough issues, overcome the know-how technical barriers;

Concentrate on the shackles to break the original shackles.

The outstanding highlight is the encirclement in the tide comes and tide to kill out a new world.

The chain of the ecology pursues infinite vitality.

The force community opens a period of ‘super-long standby ’regarding observation of Web3 ecological, which tracks the current bright projects such as BTC, ETH, Filecoin, Polkadot, Dfinity, Solana, ChainLink, and so on.

We will update the latest of the above public blockchain project for a week, including but not limited to the progress and ecology of the project itself.


Plunged Bitcoin Caused 43 Institutions To Cost Tens Of Billions$, While Tesla, Meitu, And Other Related Businesses Suffered Losses.

So far,43 companies or institutions, including Grayscale investment, hold 12256 million Bitcoins(BTC). BTC’s current decline has fallen below the cost price of bitcoin for several institutions or companies. BTC stood at $30878 on 10 Oct, the Fed has lost tens of thousands of dollars since its rate hike on 4 May, which also means that these institutions and companies have evaporated more than $12 billion of BTC holdings.


Shows On the Ultrasound Web, Ethereum GAS Fees Fell Below 20 And Briefly Hit 14, Which Means That Ethereum Network Activity Has Fallen To a Phase Low Again.


Filecoin Plus Phase 3 Notary is Imminent.

The Filecoin plus ecological governance team has organized the latest notary induction training. The Filecoin Plus Phase 3 Notary public has long been selected to subsequent notaries from all continents can better allocate real data and DataCap as efficient contributions.


The first BOKA XCM Cross-chain Interaction Has Been Launched Between Moonbeam And Acala.

Moonbeam, a Polkadot-based multi-chain application development platform, has announced the use of bidirectional HRMP channels to establish cross-chain connections with Acala networks. Local communication and Token transmission between the two chains are allowed without bridges. Through this Integration, Acala’s native Token (ACA) and its decentralized stable Token (aUSD) can be freely moved and used in Moonbeam’s Defi ecosystem. After the Moonbeam Runtime update completes this month, GLMR will be available on Acala.


Dfinity Releases IC Year In Review Video! See The Link:


Solana Ecological Lending Agreement Hedge Will Be the Online Main Network Test Version.

Solana(SOL) eco-lending protocol Hedge will be online on the main network test version, SOL will serve as the initial collateral. Besides, Hedge also announced the token economic model, a total of 10 million HDG tokens, 60% of the token was allocated to the community, the 45% of the 6 million tokens will be used as liquidity reward, 5% will be used for incentives such as airdrop, and 10% will be allocated to the Hedge Treasury. 10% of the total is allocated to existing and further team members and consultants. Previously reported, SOL lending protocol Hedge raised$3.7 million, led investment by Race Capital.


Chainlink Respond: The Minimum precision circuit breaker of LUNA/USD Price Feeds Is Automatically Triggered By The Defense Mechanism.

The cryptocurrency market has experienced unprecedented shocks recently, and the LUNA/USD Price Feed’s minimum precision circuit breaker mechanism triggered automatically. The circuit breakers, embedded in the aggregation contract, are part of Chainlink’s in-depth defense strategy to ensure security and prevent flash collapses and other forms of market manipulation.

No node operator, Chainlink Labs, or another third party manually intervened to trigger the circuit breaker. Some users themselves have voluntarily suspended the app, others were told that the feed price was affected, and be reminded that, following the best practices outlined in the Chainlink documentation, immediately suspend using the feed price in the application.LUNA/USD Price Feeds these days still operate, but Chainlink does not recommend users given the risk status of the currency.



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