Force Infinite| Web3 Ecological Weekly Digest 37


As Binance introduced zero transaction fees, the bitcoin market rose for three consecutive days. On the other side, American activist Chelsea Manning admires bitcoin’s technology, saying it paves the way for more secure data transmission.


0xCFC beginning Whale address bid for 3 CryptoPunks with a total of 5400 ETH. The bidding price for each Punk is 18,00ETH, totalling 5,400eth (about $6.2 million).


The Filecoin Foundation is hosting a Storage Provider Working Group Public Meeting on July 13th at 11 am EST. This session will focus on new Filecoin ecosystem highlights, technology roadmap, and new platforms and applications.


On July 19–21, Boca will host the ParisDotComm Open event, where attendees can hear the latest news on Polkadot and the Kusama Network ecosystem.


Dfinity is soliciting one-per-person votes for the Supernova hackathon’s popular community item.


“Calm Bear” Okay Bear became the most extensive NFT series on the Solana chain regarding dollar turnover. On July 8, according to CryptoSlam data, “Calm Bear” Okay Bear NFT transaction volume exceeded $200 million, surpassing Solana Monkey Business to become the most extensive NFT series on the Solana chain. The current transaction volume of Okay Bear is $219,599,745, and the transaction volume is 34,221.


Chainlink offers quick build NFT tutorials, including developing an NFT collection and storing metadata on the chain.



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