Force Infinite| Web3 Ecological Weekly Digest 41


Veteran investor Jim Rogers, who co-founded the Quantum Fund with billionaire investor George Soros, has warned that more bear markets are coming and the next one will be “the worst” in his lifetime. Rogers also commented on bitcoin, confirming that he has not bought any BTC. He reiterated his view that if the cryptocurrency succeeds as a currency, governments will outlaw it because they do not like competition.


Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin in an interview said “the merge is not priced in” until it happens, not just for market terms but also for psychological and narrative terms.


Protocol Labs will join in ETH Seoul early this August and deliver featured speech. In the meantime, judges from Protocol Labs and Filecoin Foundation will also be involved with the ETH Seoul 2022 Hackathon that takes place from August 5th to 13th.


Moonbeam recently announced an integration with Osmosis, a decentralized trading platform based on Cosmos, which will allow Token exchange from Polkadot to the Cosmos ecosystem, with the integration being offered through the Axelar Network protocol.


Web3 Social Platform DSCVR Raises $9M Seed Round Led by Polychain Capital. DSCVR has onboarded over 100,000 users, produced a million posts and comments, and generated millions of dollars in NFT rewards to users.


A Solana-themed store is set to open its doors in New York City. Called Solana Spaces, the new store is located in Hudson Yards and is being launched in collaboration with the Solana Foundation. Plenty of Solana-branded merch will be available in the store including a limited run of Blanksoles sneakers. Before its grand opening, Solana Spaces opened up its doors this past weekend for a select group of 30 visitors to preview the store.


DeHealth announced a partnership with Chainlink to accelerate the growth of the DeHealth ecosystem and protect users’ private medical data information. Chainlink will help DeHealth build a secure, reliable and scalable DeHealth dApp and decentralized data storage on the DHLT network, a private blockchain based on EVM. By combining Chainlink’s decentralized prophecy machine with the DHLT network, it provides a consistent and secure source of market data for smart contracts.



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