Force Infinite| Web3 Ecological Weekly Digest 40


The UK Markets Act extends banking rules to crypto-assets, and the Treasury has published its proposed digital asset legislation.

According to a copy of the legislation posted online, existing rules for banks and payment systems would be modified or extended to cover digital assets. In the bill, cryptocurrencies are referred to as “digital settlement assets” (DSAs), which means “digital representations of value or rights. These rules would apply primarily to stablecoins and digital asset classes used for payments or settlements.


Goerli was the final testnet before the merge, and Goerli-shadow-fork-5 was successfully merged on July 23rd. Mainnet-shadow-fork-10 was merged on July 28th. In addition, VitalikButerin announced the adjustment of the storage Gas.


On July 30th Filecoin will be holding a gathering in Uganda on the future of data storage and how it can be built on the Filecoin network, details of which can be found at the link.


BridgePort won Polkadot’s 22nd parallel chain slot auction. The BridgePort project aims to integrate gaming and blockchain technology platforms and build infrastructure for the metaverse. Click here for more information:

http: //


Dfinity announces the opening of its Global R&D Conference to the public. At the conference, attendees will have access to the InternetComputer IC Roadmap, SDK Roadmap and the latest news from within the ecosystem.


On July 22, Solana entered into a partnership with Alchemy, an infrastructure-based blockchain development platform that will give the first 500 Solana developers free access to Alchemy through 2022. The super node of Alchemy is the most widely used API among Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Arbitrum, Optimism, Flow and


Chainlink’s annual SmartCon 2022 conference will be held on September 28–29!.Early bird tickets are now available. Priced at $777.



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