Force Infinite| Web3 Ecological Weekly Digest 42


The BTC integration allows canister smart contracts to leverage the world’s largest cryptocurrency, enabling new DeFi and dapp use cases.


The migration of ethereum miners to ETC will not pose a threat to the upcoming merger, ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin said during a webinar on Saturday, Aug. 7. There are concerns that the influx of miners to ETC could derail the merger, but Tim Beiko, a core Ether developer, said that ideally users won’t notice any difference. vitalik Buterin added that ETC has a strong community and product, and that the ETC community strongly promotes PoW values. Nevertheless, the market could still split.


The Filecoin network maintains the highest standard of security by keeping up with crypto vulnerabilities. As part of v16 Skyr a new SnarkPack v2 cryptographic protocol was introduced to avoid any Frozen Heart vulnerabilities.


For those in Seoul: on August 11th don’t miss your chance to join Polkadot during KBW2022 to meet with the Polkadot community and some of the ecosystem teams, as well as enjoy networking with like-minded supporters of the ecosystem.


Launched as part of the #BTC Integration, threshold ECDSA beta is now available on the #InternetComputer.


On August 6, Slope Wallet, the Solana eco-wallet, recently said it would pay a 10 percent bounty if the attacker returned the stolen funds, according to The Block. In a tweet, the Slope team posted the Solana Wallet address and said, “Upon receipt of these funds, we will not pursue the matter or take any legal action.


On August 8, Chainlink, a prophecy machine protocol, posted on its official website that the Chainlink protocol and its services will continue to run on Ether during and after the Ether merger and will not support forks of the Ether network, including PoW forks, in line with the decision of the Ether community.



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