Force Infinite| Web3 Ecological Weekly Digest 46

A booming ecology means the infinite vitality of the chain itself.

Focus on tough issues, overcome the know-how technical barriers;

Concentrate on the shackles to break the original shackles.

The outstanding highlight is the encirclement in the tide comes and tides to kill out a new world.

The chain of the ecology pursues infinite vitality.

The force community opens a period of “super-long standby ”regarding observation of Web3 ecological, which tracks the current bright projects such as BTC, ETH,Filecoin, Polkadot,Dfinity, Solana, ChainLink, and so on.

We will update the latest of the above public blockchain project for a week, including but not limited to the progress and ecology of the project itself.


There’s a New Platform for Bitcoin-Backed Borrowing and It’s Courting Banks to Lend.Max Keidun, CEO of non-custodial bitcoin exchange Hold Hodl, is launching a decentralized platform for stablecoin and fiat loans with Casa, Blockstream, Bitfinex and others.


Volumes of derivatives tracking ether (ETH) have grown by nearly 10% in the past month and now lead those of bitcoin (BTC),, citing data sourced from multiple crypto exchanges.


Protocol Labs confirmed as a sponsor of the 2022 Wanxiang Blockchain Fall Hackathon, offering a total of US$10,000 (approximately RMB 69,000) worth of prizes. To encourage participants to choose Filecoin/IPFS for the challenge, there is also a potential prize, where the five most promising projects will be selected as long as the teams’ entries are created on Filecoin/IPFS and meet the requirements The potential will be divided up together.


Alchemy, the web3 infrastructure platform backed by companies such as a16z, Coatue and Lightspeed Ventures, has announced its first acquisition, details of which are the acquisition of ChainShot, an ethereum developer education platform. The acquisition also broadens the range of courses available.


Dfinity is calling on the ICP community to submit outstanding design ideas for the Internet Identity (II) user experience. Submit in PDF or HTML format. Prize pool 2,500 ICP until 15 September.


Crypto Custody Technology Firm Fireblocks Adds Support for Solana Blockchain’s DeFi, NFT, Gaming Apps.

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