Force Infinite| Web3 Ecological Weekly Digest 47


MicroStrategy has entered into a sale agreement with Cowen & Co. and BTIG LLC to sell up to $500 million worth of Class A common stock to buy more bitcoin and grow its business, according to the company’s filing with the SEC, with no specific date set for the stock sale.


The Rainbow Bridge will be stopped at 1 PM CET this Sunday, 11th of September, because of the upcoming Ethereum Merge.


Filecoin currently offers over 18 EiB of decentralized storage available thanks to a strong community of Storage Providers, developers, and ecosystem partners. This island economy is being leveraged by clients like Kernelogic who are interested in preserving large datasets of useful information. Kernelogic started as an individual Storage Provider effort that evolved into the role of a large dataset client via the Slingshot competition. The project focuses on scripts that prepare open datasets into fixed-sized sectors that Filecoin can store. It then transfers these datasets to SPs who are interested in storing them.


Sub0, the Polkadot developer conference, has announced that it will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, from November 28 to 29, and all Web3 developers are encouraged to register.


Codebase is a decentralized alternative to platforms like GitHub. Codebase enables a future where incentives are aligned and software development can be sustainable. A future where software communities are empowered instead of exploited. Codebase solves this by incentivizing contributions, rewarding contributors, and empowering communities through tokenized governance.


OSOM Products, Inc. and Solana Labs have announced the completion of their Series A funding for a new and upcoming smartphone, now known as the “Solana Saga.” According to OSOM’s founder Jason Keats: The phone will run on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset, along with 12GB of RAM and 512GB of internal storage. Other features include the Solana Mobile Stack Seed Vault, which allows for high-security web3 applications, and Solana-powered applications developed using the Solana Mobile Stack SDK, as well as other NFT and DeFi use cases. OSOM is now focusing on improving product development by expanding its workforce with a focus on software engineering responsibilities.

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