Force Infinite| Web3 Ecological Weekly Digest 48


According to Coinglass data, the position of coin-based BTC contracts in the past 30 days has exceeded 600,000 pieces. Among them, Binance continues to rank first in terms of contract positions, while OKX ranks second.


Ethereum began its transition to PoS on September 6 and proceeded in two phases, with the merger now complete. In the first phase, Bellatrix upgrades were first activated on the beacon chain. PoW then migrated to PoS when a specific total difficulty value was reached. this is the largest upgrade Ethereum has ever seen and has attracted the most attention from the entire Crypto industry.


The Filecoin community has spent the past several months debating FIP0036 — Introducing a Sector Duration Multiple for Longer Term Storage Commitment. With FIP0036, the CryptoEconLab has proposed economic changes that seek to better align network incentives to support the long-term growth and development of the Filecoin network.


The Polkadot Hackathon North America is finished now and all winning projects have now been announced.


DFINITY has ben invited to participate in the 8th global blockchain summit, one of the most influential blockchain events in Asia, organized by Wanxiang Blockchan, where founder Dominique will deliver a speech entitled the first real World Computer: the #InternetComputer on September 20. on September 20.


On September 15, Blockworks reported that Sei Labs announced it will launch Nitro, a Solana Virtual Machine (SVM) compatible chain that will serve as a gateway between Solana and Cosmos and allow developers to deploy existing Solana smart contracts, allowing users to access them through Phantom and other common Solana wallets. contracts through Phantom and other common Solana wallets. Led by Kevin Lim, Head of Growth at Sei Labs, the Nitro mainnet is expected to launch in early 2023.


On September 12, Chainlink now has integrated ZIL/USD feeds on the Optimism network, aiming to build a more secure marketplace around Zilliqa Token, according to the company’s official social media disclosure. to protect Web3 projects from abnormal events such as data manipulation attacks and flash crashes.

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