Force Infinite | Web3 Ecological Weekly Digest 62

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2 min readDec 26, 2022


Bitcoin mining companies struggling in a year-long bear market are expected to have a collective debt of more than $4 billion by the end of 2022, according to a report by the Hashrate Index. Core Scientific is in the worst shape, owing $1.3 billion to creditors, and has filed for bankruptcy protection. Marathon Digital owes about $851 million, but most of that is convertible notes, which means its creditors can convert it into shares of the company.

ETH data shows that Wolf Game #6294 in the blockchain game Wolf Game series sold for 105 ETH, setting the highest trading record in the series to date. Wolf Game NFT collection currently has a floor price of 0.7 ETH, a total trading volume of 26,222.77 ETH, a market cap of over $50 million, and 2,847 holders.


Filecoin community has collaborated with Tablelanf announcing Filecoin Chair, an initiative that provides supplemental support and funding for teams building joint use cases between Tableland and Filecoin. Teams interested in building novel concepts that combine Filecoin’s leading decentralized storage tools with Tableland’s permissionless relational database can apply for the Filecoin Chair position in Pilot Program 3.


Firefly Exchange, a decentralized perpetual contract trading platform, announced that it has gone live on the Polkadot Polka blockchain with Beta version DEX, which is based on Polka’s parallel chain Moonbeam deployment. Firefly Exchange is said to be a derivatives platform for the Polkadot ecosystem, enabling leveraged derivatives trading by supporting on-chain settlement with no custody or counterparty risk.


The NFT project on Solana, y00ts tweeted that it will bridge to Polygon in the first quarter of next year, with details to be released when it is ready and tested. In the meantime, y00ts will release a more formal y00ts: Season 2 roadmap in January.

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