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3 min readJan 3, 2023

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According to the recently published Global Metaverse Investment and Financing Report 2022, 15 Chinese province and local governments have implemented 29 Metaverse-specific support measures since FY2022. Chengdu and Jinan are among the major cities that have joined this week.

In addition, 704 financings totaling 86.867 billion RMB were completed in the worldwide Metaverse business in 2022. China (including Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan) completed 125 cases with a total funding of 12.782 billion RMB, and four industry unicorns were born, including Animaoca Brands, which was valued at $6 billion, making it China’s highest-valued Metaverse company, Xiaobing, which was valued at $2.308 billion, and Soul and Magic Enamel, which were valued at $2 billion and 1.1 billion, respectively.

Capital is primarily interested in Metaverse applications, underlying technology, gaming, social, media, community, and digital people. In China, digital individuals, in particular, are garnering more financial attention. The usage of digital people on a big scale can cut labor expenses to some extent, and once the technology matures, they can even replace actual people on the job.

Furthermore, two additional NFT projects with their own traffic, DeGods and Y00ts, which were originally established on the Solana ecosystem, were drawn to this week’s Polygon and Ethereum. Polygon was also named Decrypt’s best crypto project of the year, and its development momentum is encouraging.

Akulaku, a digital banking platform provider, earned $200 million in equity fundraising at this week’s pitching event. MUFG spearheaded the investment. The cash will be used to continue the company’s development, with aims to reach 50 million people in Southeast Asia by 2025.

Akulaku will provide digital banking, digital finance, digital investing, and insurance brokerage services to underserved clients in emerging economies. In addition to its virtual credit card and e-commerce platforms, Asetku, an online wealth management platform, and Neobank, a mobile digital bank powered by Bank Neo Commerce, are also operated by the firm. It maintains operations in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia, and has a footprint throughout Southeast Asia.

Finally, Centbee secured a $1 million Pre-A round of investment headed by Ayre Ventures founder Calvin Ayre, which will be utilized to extend and grow the firm, as well as enhance its technical and operational skills.


Bitcoin developer Luke Dashjr says his bitcoin was hacked after a PGP exploit. dashjr’s wallet had four transfer transactions on 31 December totalling over 200 BTC. an estimated $3.3 million worth of assets were lost at current market prices. pretty good privacy is an encryption method for encrypting and decrypting data. It can be used to encrypt information stored on servers — to prevent unauthorised access or tampering.


Lido Finance overtook MakerDAO and now has the highest TVL in DeFi. benefiting the most from the Ether merger, its Total Value Lock (TVL) now tops the list of other decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols.


Polkadot published its 2022 annual overview, click here to read more.


The founder of Internet Computer released 2023 ICP Development Goals on his Twitter.

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