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There are different attitudes toward cryptocurrencies and the industry in general worldwide. Generally, it can be divided into hard-hitting, ambiguous, and environmentally friendly. On the one hand, the cryptocurrency industry is still in its early stages. There are no highly targeted, standardized laws and regulations, so it is accessible to breed-related gray sectors. On the other hand, the digital currency will impact the authority and legitimacy of domestic legal currency to some extent and may endanger financial and social stability.

In addition, the world’s different environmental indicators, such as China’s carbon neutrality and carbon peak, also forced the relevant departments to severely crack down on the power consumption of encryption industry “mining.” All these factors make the number of hard-hitting types in the world not to be underestimated. In the mainstream world, you can understand ambiguity literally, such as in the United States and Europe. Some normative, outlawed policies and regulations do not fully accept cryptocurrency into the traditional financial circle, excent for incentives, such as the emergence of legally licensed cryptocurrency banks in Europe and The United States.

The last type of friendliness is found in South and Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Central America. For example, in El Salvador, a volcanic country that accepts Bitcoin as legal tender, chain games are also popular in The South Pacific market. Friendly countries have friendly policies and have relatively high recognition and acceptance of cryptocurrencies and industries among the general public. Generally, it is suitable for the crypto industry to conduct business in these regions. There is a “transition” line of Web3 pay company in this financing period. Merge focuses on cryptocurrency payments. It seeks to enable cryptocurrency companies to make payments more efficiently and partner with traditional financial services. The conventional conservative investment will relatively accept this transition route.

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1. Project Name:Dework


Project Category:Web3 Work-related Applications

项目介绍:Dework是一种Web3原生协作工具,其目标是成为Trello和LinkedIn 的 Web 3 结合体!

Project description:Dework is a Web 3 native collaboration tool that aims to be a combination of Trello and LinkedIn for Web 3!


Financing round: Seed round


Amount of financing:5 Million

投资机构:Paradigm和早期风险投资公司Pace Capital 共同领投。

Investors:Led by Paradigm and Pace Capital

2.项目名称: InfStones

2.Project Name:InfStones


Project Category:Web3Infrastructure Firm

项目介绍:InfStones为Web3开发人员提供类似 Amazon Web Services 的节点管理平台和应用程序编程接口。

Project description: InfStones offers an Amazon Web Services-like node management platform and application programming interface (API) for Web 3 developers.


Financing round: Unknown


Amount of financing:66Million

投资机构:由软银愿景基金 2 和 GGV Capital 牵头。

Investors:led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2 and GGV Capital.


3.Project Name:Merge


Project Category:Crypto Payments Firm


The Merge focuses on cryptocurrency payments. It seeks to enable cryptocurrency firms to make more efficient payments and work with traditional financial services.


Financing round: Seed round


Amount of financing:9.5Millon

投资机构:由 Octopus Ventures 以及 Coinbase Ventures、Alameda Research 和 Hashed 领投。

Investors:led by Octopus Ventures, as well as Coinbase Ventures, Alameda Research and Hashed.

4.项目名称:Gaudiy Fanlink

4.Project Name:Gaudiy Fanlink


Project Category:Web3 Entertainment

项目介绍:Gaudiy以“与粉丝一起推进时代”为使命,为Web3时代提供粉丝平台“Gaudiy Fanlink”,最大限度地提高粉丝的热度。

Project description: Gaudiy’s mission is to “advance the times” with the fans and to provide a fan platform “Gaudiy Fanlink” for the Web3 era to maximise fan enthusiasm.


Financing round:B round


Amount of financing:JPY 2.5 billion

投资机构:STRIVE 和JAFCO,SBI Investment、KDDI 和 BNE NAMCO Entertainment参与投资

Investors:STRIVE and JAFCO, with participation from SBI Investment, KDDI and BNE NAMCO Entertainment



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