Force Web3 Weekly Investment and Financing Events(2022.6.2–2022.6.9)№32Period

NFT’s fever has not subsided significantly, even in the bear market. Solana’s NFT project and the project of earning while creating both got the capital investment this week. However, the shortcomings of NFT can not be ignored. Before and after the pile-on entry, will it bring revolutionary changes to the NFT market? At present, the NFT market development, gimmicks, and marketing following the trend of gas is far greater than the meaning of the existence of NFT itself. The NFT forms of digital collectables, pure investment, game components, fashion cooperation, etc. The general public is still stuck with the first impression of what NFT is. No matter how much is to be explained, people do not easily understand.

NFT has completed the first step in breaking the circle, and the next step for NFT is to really make a revolution and deeply explore the current value points of its audience the most. The reason many projects are currently bullish on NFT is that it has the potential to become a meta-universe asset instead of currency. Its scarcity and uniqueness have the function of part of the currency and can be multi-level flow in the market. The bet here is on the future. Now, what is the most significant value point of NFT? If positioned as a collector’s item only, NFT is destined to become a short-lived annual fad that will disappear from the public’s view at some point.



1、项目名称: Ancient8

Project Name:Ancient8


Project Category:Games Guild

项目介绍:Ancient8是越南区块链游戏公会和社区、GameFi 基础设施开发商

Project description:Ancient8 is a Vietnamese blockchain gaming guild and community and GameFi infrastructure developer


Financing round:Private Placement Wheel


Amount of financing:5Million

投资机构:Makers Fund 和 C²Ventures 领投。

Investors:Led by Makers Fund C²Ventures

2、项目名称: Kushki

Project Name:Kushki


Project Category:Payment platforms


Project description:Kushki brings the main payment methods together in one place: credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers and cash. A wide range of integrated solutions are available based on the business model.


Financing round:B round

融资金额: 1亿美元

Amount of financing:100 Million

投资机构:SoftBank Latin America Fund 等参投

Investors: SoftBank Latin America Fund and others participated


Project Name: Chillchat


Project Category: NFT Project

项目介绍:Chillchat是一个以 Create To Earn 为特色的像素艺术 NFT 游戏元宇宙。玩家可以使用 Chillchat的像素编辑器来创建例如角色、宠物、表情和物品的各种 NFT。

Project description:Chillchat is a pixel art NFT game metaverse featuring Create To Earn. Players can use Chillchat’s pixel editor to create various NFTs such as characters, pets, emotes and items.


Financing round:Seed round


Amount of financing:6.5Millon

投资机构:FTX Ventures 和 Capital 领投,Animoca Brands, Griffin Gaming Partners,The Spartan Group,Diamon Hands Ventures,Morningstar Ventures,Shima Capital,Mighty Jaxx,A&T Capital,Old Fashion Research,Double Peak Group,DAOvergence,DeFi Capital,Zipmex Labs,Gate Labs,Overwolf,MonkeVentures,Big Brain Holdings 等参投。

Investors:FTX Ventures and Capital led the investment, with participation from Animoca Brands and others.


Project Name:Adim


Project Category:Web3 Entertainment

项目介绍:Adim 将通过开放式的形式招募 100 名创作者,这些创作者将获得核心角色 NFT。

Project description:Adim will recruit 100 creators on an open-ended basis who will be given the core role of NFT.


Financing round:Seed round


Amount of financing:5Millon

投资机构:a16z 领投。

Investors:Led by a16z


Project Name:Skolem

项目分类:DeFi 公司

Project Category:DeFi Corporation


Project description: Skolem provides data and trade execution services for decentralized financial markets


Financing round: A round


Amount of financing:20 Millon

投资机构:Galaxy Digital 领投

Investors: Led by Galaxy Digital




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