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5 min readJun 21, 2022


FIL-Singapore, a four-day event featuring Web3 ecosystem partners and Filecoin ecosystem projects, will take place from 16th to 19th August 2022. Following the event’s announcement, we have received numerous applications. Multiple meetups, workshops, and discussions around topics of Web3, crypto-economics, NFTs, metaverse, and Filecoin network’s ecosystem progress will be taking place. Below is a sneak peek at some of the extraordinary projects presented at FIL-Singapore.

Meet sermonises in Web3!

The development of Web3, along with other blockchain-based public chains, such as metaverse, DAO, and NFT, is considered to bring the next wave of the Internet. Web3 is currently one of the most trending topics and will soon become a huge part of Singapore’s digital landscape.

Force community, a non-profit blockchain believer institution that bears the brunt of Web3 word, is tracking the newest update and promoting project cooperation in the Web3 ecosystem. Their slogan at FIL-Singapore will be “Connect the bursting Web3.0 World”.

Decentralised platforms in Web3 are crucial for people to connect through trading, building, and communicating. The C3 protocol is the team behind the Co-created Collectibles(CCC), an NFT-based platform with a multi-functional space for trading and co-creating. The team will share insights regarding Web3 decentralised platforms and its experience utilising IPFS/Filecoin to store the vast data of NFT items.

Regarding storing data, Seagate Technology has been offering the most innovative and easily integrated storage services built on trust, affordability, and ease. At FIL-Singapore, Seagate will host a side event to discuss key technologies that enable the next generation of interaction.

Similarly, Starboard, a project building web analytics expertise for Web3 governance aimed at its data economies with insights and solutions,will also host a side event. Starboard will focus on network analytics for Web3 administration, a fundamental mission for people to control what is there and have a voice in how protocols run.

Infrastructure, alongside governance, is essential to the building.Qitchain aims to empower the blockchain and perform distributed storage and retrieval of valid data in the blockchain. Recently, Qitchain also hosted a side event to talk about infrastructure that empowers Web3.

Crypto Economics — The Engine that Powers the Crypto world

Blockchain technology runs on the principles of crypto-economics, that is, practical science that focuses on designing and characterising these protocols.

CryptoEconLab aims to develop the capacity to design, validate, deploy, and govern large-scale economic systems. Its strives to empower projects in the ecosystem through novel incentives and humanity’s advanced understanding of the financial networks’ multiagent system and algorithmic steering. CryptoEconLab will provide a deep dive into Filecoin’s future developments during the time of FIL-Singapore.

Secured Finance, a one-stop financial trading platform for institutional digital asset investors, will join us to talk more about the Filecoin ecosystem’s financial market. It will also announce its test-Pilot programme, DeFi, one of the most important topics in the crypto economy. Don’t miss it!

As a permissionless open-sourced protocol, Alkimiya is built for consensus capital markets and is currently working on a block space accessible to the broader DeFi universe. Attend the session to learn more about block space as an asset.

Crypto economics is a formal discipline that studies protocols that manage the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services in a decentralised digital economy. Sign-up and host your side events to share more views on the crypto world.

Creation in the Fantastic NFT and metaverse space

Metaverse and Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Metaverse represents a combinatorial innovation requiring multiple technologies and trends to function, whereas NFT is a digital asset representing real-world objects such as art, music, in-game items, and videos. Some experts opine that NFTs are a bubble poised to pop, while others believe that they are here to change investing forever. Regarding technology, we have all questioned the implementation of Metaverse and NFT. To unpack the confusion and learn more about Metaverse and NFTs, please join us at FIL-Singapore!

Create to earn C3 (CCC) Protocol is a Decentralised Artistic Creation Organisation (DACO) that aims to realise collaborative artistic creation through algorithms, protocol, and decentralised governance. It functions via a Crowd Created Canvas platform, where anyone can join to create collaborative art aiming to generate a pixel canvas on the internet Computer blockchain. Stay tuned for the C3 protocol in FIL-Singapore to receive more updates about creation in Web3.

SINSO is a decentralised medical facility architecture system on the Filecoin network in Web 3.0. It is committed to providing quality telemedicine services and solving the problem of patient data rights confirmation. Interestingly, it also offers virtual assets under the doctor brand NFT, enabling doctors from various fields to work freelance. This unmissable side event will showcase SINSO products, including detailed examples of how ARTHA HEALTH, OORT Digital, and Poly Network have taken advantage of SINSO’s unique storage solutions for NFTs, GameFi, public chains, and cross-chain bridge projects. ND LABS will also participate at the side event and share with us the construction and operation of its underlying infrastructure as the metaverse develops. Specialising in data economy will lead to critical wealth in a post-pandemic world.

We welcome more innovative projects on decentralised platforms to discuss with us during these side events, and we are eagerly looking forward to your participation.

Projects in the Filecoin ecosystem

Filecoin is an ecosystem where participants allocating free storage space on their devices are rewarded for participation. Currently, the network contains 4077 storage providers and more than 390 organisations building on the web. Filecoin’s storage power has reached 17.23 EiB, attracting 1670 new projects entering the ecosystem and 9776 contributors on GitHub. Let us see how the builders work on the Filecoin web!

The upcoming project, Filecoinplus, will provide larger storage space for NFTs or videos, FileDrive Labs is committed to creating distributed storage ecosystem applications based on the research of point-to-point storage protocol. It provides storage solutions and data migration services with decentralised characteristics, aiming to provide distributed storage-related technical assistance and infrastructure for the Web3.0 era.

SINSO will talk about the theme of Decentralised HotData Cache & Data Governance. As a Filecoin ecosystem infrastructure, It will focus on FVM’s high-speed decentralised caching and data governance solutions that will follow FVM’s lead in developing innovations that drive Filecoin’s ecosystem to prosper.

Furthermore, Venus, a generic implementation of Filecoin based on Golang, is committed to improving the Filecoin network security and distributing cluster suitability. The total amount of Filecoin node storage on the main network has reached 300PiB. The Venus Deal Accelerator programme, launched last week, has also received applications from storage providers worldwide to sign up for this summit and talk about how they are helping Filecoin.

Participants in side events are essential to the FIL-Singapore Summit and play an indispensable role in the Web 3.0 world and the Filecoin network. The Summit will cover a wide range of fields, including medical treatment and private data in health care storage (SINSO), Web 3.0 infrastructure (Qitchain), permission-free open-source protocols (Consensus Capital Market Alkimiya), the first utterly decentralised collaboration platform (CCC), Filecoin service providers (the Venus team and FILSwan), storage service (Seagate Lyve TM Cloud and Starboard), automated collateral management, market-to-market mechanisms, and financial trading platform (Secured Finance).

To draw more attention to your projects, host your side events to pitch ideas here at FIL-Singapore.

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