Venus China Tour to More Innovative Blockchain Cities

Venus in Nanjing

Why Venus?

Series of implementations with compatibility and interoperability are required on one blockchain. Though each of the implementation has its unsolved issues, the complementary caused by these issues from different implementations helps reduce the crash on the blockchain network. And Venus is one of them, that plans to assemble all small and medium miners together as a union.

To all Participators

We define the system of Venus open-source collaboration to public modules and independent modules. In the architecture, venus, venus-miner, venus-auth, venus-messager and venus-market are public modules and venus-sealer and venus-wallet are independent modules.

Venus Modules
Venus Architecture

Next Step

Based on the difference design and deployment process, problems on chain can greatly reduce when different implementation can be evenly adopted and it is tightly in line with the interest of every ecosystem players.

We want you!



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